Houses and Homes: Buying or Selling

Reading through the classifieds to find properties for your investment portfolio, you will find the mention of a fireplace in every property a seller wants to move. That's because a fireplace makes all the difference in the world and only property owners who are into real estate for value understand this important point. It's called the difference between a house and a home.

When you are selling your property, you may have attachments to it. You may have years invested into that property. You might have raised your kids there. It could have been the first property you ever bought. And in the back yard is where you buried your old dog.

All of those memories add value to your home. This kind of value goes beyond the actual value of the home. You have to remember that information when you are dealing with an appraiser. They will come through and look at your home as a piece of property. The crack on the bedroom door that you think is cute because of the story that goes behind it will cause the appraiser to lower the value of your home. Of course the door is not much, but the overall principle is at work there.

When a buyer comes into view your home, they might see it as a house. An ingenious seller can bring the life out in the house and make the buyer start to see your property as a home.

"How many kids do you have?"


"Oh, they will love this home because there are three bedrooms. They'll each get their own room. Kids love that when they can have some privacy."

And the conversation goes on from there. A good real estate agent will use every choice they can to make a house seem more like a home. When a buyer can start to see the value as a home, they are more likely to buy.

But, a property without a fireplace is hard to sell as a home. Family evenings take place around a fireplace. Most of the time, that's the family dog's favorite place to lie. A fireplace really sells a home.

A simple investment as little as $300 into a vent less gel fireplace can raise the value of your home a few thousand. It's not a dollar for dollar investment. The ambiance of a fireplace adds value exponentially.

Real estate agents of Condominium units and apartment units have slowly picked up on the fact that buyers want fireplaces. The vent less gel fireplace is the solution because each fireplace is freestanding and wouldn't have to be vented through other fireplaces, which actually causes more problems than it is worth. The vents on traditional fireplaces would have to be in sync which would cause either a cold apartment for one dweller or a smoky apartment for another dweller.

The simple addition of a fireplace will not only raise the value of your home, but it will move it. When the market is tight, you have to make your property stand out. It's not too hard when you add a vent less gel fireplace to any room in your home.

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Houses and Homes: Buying or Selling
Houses and Homes: Buying or Selling
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