A charming upstate farm retreat

It's a dream of all (admit it, all) NYC dwellers to have a country retreat. Kathryn Windley was no exception to the rule. She was tired of her grueling hours as an art director for a Manhattan ad agencies, and was recently divorced. She added a new twist to the New Yorker turned farmer by actually marrying the realtor who found her the property a few years later on the 20-acre grounds!

This living room is kept bright and cheery by the white upholstery and brightly striped rug.

In NYC, unless you pay for a separate studio, on never has space in their apartment for a studio.
One day I hope to have the space to paint and draw again.

The barn is actually a garage they designed to look like a barn.

I adore this kitchen, and Kathryn claims the farmhouse sink is what sold her on the property.  The runner was a once a damaged full-sized carpet she had cut and bound to fit the kitchen.

What do you think?

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A charming upstate farm retreat
A charming upstate farm retreat
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